2008-02-13 Added a forum for discussions on XenoCollide -- be the first to post!

2008-02-12 Game Programming Gems 7 has been released and is available now.

What is XenoCollide?

XenoCollide is an algorithm for detecting collision among a limitless variety of convex shapes. It is based on a new technique I call Minkowski Portal Refinement (MPR).

How can I find out more?

A complete description of the algorithm, including source code and a simple rigid body simulator (shown in the image above), is included in Game Programming Gems 7. (Gem 2.5: XenoCollide: Complex Collision Made Simple)

It can be purchased from Amazon:

I will be adding additional articles and more detail on game physics and collision over the next several weeks. Please check back frequently for additional information.

For a simple introduction, click here for an overview of the 2D version of the algorithm.